When you are surfing the web and looking for that new cool indie title sometimes it can be daunting. There are a ton of companies trying to get their game out to the public. You really have to look for these games though. They do not get the big title treatment. What they need is for someone to stumble upon what they are creating.

Recently I came across a game such as this and it caught my attention. A modern day single player sci-fi post-apocalyptic isometric role-playing game. That is a mouthful. Developer Dark Crystal Games (Nothing to do with the movie) will bring us Encased a game inspired by the RPGSs of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. However, the developer wants to improve on this type of games. They want to bring us a creation all of their own and I say bring it on.

The story campaign is said to last twenty five to thirty hours! That is a lot of time for you to explore and discover things about a civilization that is no longer. Encased will use a turn based combat system and you will be able to choose from any character in the game. Sounds like a great time to me already.

The artwork and character development of this game looks amazing as well. There is something about the gritty look and knowing this is post apocalyptic title that gets me infused with enthusiasm. Am I being overly optimistic? Perhaps, but don’t you love it when a developer takes the time on character detail? I sure do. Let’s check out some of the features about the game.

Call of Adventure

Exploring the remote desert and discovering artifacts left behind by the ancient civilization.

Deep Role-Playing

The developer is giving you control over an extensive role-playing system that will let you dispense attributes and learn skills at your own discretion. There are no classes! The fun just keeps coming.

Ultimate Freedom

Open world. Need I say more? Ok maybe a little. You might encounter random events as you travel around the game. I am very intrigued by this and what these “random events” will entail.

Dark Crystal Games isn’t new to the gaming scene. They have titles under their belt like Divinity: Original Sin one and two. With the game still in early development Encased is set to have a closed beta sometime in 2019. The game is also slated to release on PC first with a console release shortly after. I will be keeping my eye on this game and I am excited to see the future of this indie dev.

What do you think about the freedom of this open world RPG? With the campaign lasting up to thirty hours is that enough to get you excited about playing this game? Let us know in the comments below.