With Death’s Gambit being released August 14th it got me to thinking. Who are some of the most iconic bad asses to wield a sword? If it were greatest of all time I don’t think I could ever finish a list of that magnitude. I know my favorite swordsman is the greatest that ever lived, Madmartigan from the movie Willow. Don’t fight me on this, you know it’s true. This list is not that list fortunately for me. We are going to talk about video game swordsmen only. Buckle up and get ready to make an argument for your greatest swordsman to ever run his blade through someone in a video game.


From the game Devil May Cry this sword wielding badass wreaks havoc on anyone that crosses his path. Developed by Capcom in 2001 it’s hard to find anyone that hasn’t at least heard of this game. Dante doesn’t just take out his foe, no, he punishes them with heavy handed strike after strike. The hack and slash style of gameplay is intense and you often wonder how awesome Dante’s cardio must be, seriously it has to be incredible. I mean this guy fights demons, let’s be real, that right there certifies you a badass. If you have never played one of the games in the series I recommend picking up the first one and relishing in the onslaught.


We should all know Geralt of Rivia by now. He is the main character in a little game called the Witcher developed by CD Projekt Red. Geralt not only wields his sword with precision he also has special powers to go along with his skills. This character to me has always come across as tough and hardened even though when you fight with him you notice he is very precise and fluid. Hopefully that makes sense. Let’s just say he is skilled in a very elegant way. Still not getting it huh. Sorry…Geralt is a badass, don’t believe me? Grab a copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and you will quickly see what I am talking about. The guy is a legend.

Ryu Hayabusa

If you doubt the awesomeness of this Ninja well…I don’t know what to tell you. Ryu is one of the most skilled fighters ever to wield a blade. He first appeared in 1998 on the NES in Ninja Gaiden developed by Tecmo. I will never forget this game. As skilled as Ryu was though, that didn’t make the game any easier. Ninja Gaiden was one of my first real challenges as a player but beating that game and watching the ending was well worth it. Ryu is not a one dimensional swordsman either. He can jump, spin and do all sorts of special moves with his sword. It would be very difficult for another swordsman to defeat Ryu in a one on one fight. If you have never played as this character then you don’t really know what it’s like to be a badass Ninja.

Cloud Strife/Sephiroth

Who? “Cloud Strife”. Yeah who is that? Five fingers to the face! Introduced in Final Fantasy 7 Cloud is one of the most iconic sword wielding characters of all time. I like to think he is one of the most beloved as well. Developed by Square (Square Enix) in 1997 Final Fantasy gave birth to the two characters who would mesmerize us. You had Cloud Strife on one side and Sephiroth on the other. Each character in this game to me was the epitome of being a badass. They took on incredibly large foes and Sephiroth at one point was an elite military soldier considered to be the best. Cloud will always be above him because well he is Cloud and he wields the buster sword. If you have never seen him before check out Final Fantasy: Advent Children. It’s well worth the watch just to see Cloud kick some butt. Think I’m crazy about these two? Apparently so is a lot of people, so much so it is getting a remake.


Absolutely 100 percent could not leave this character off the list. Link is the man. He is the most iconic sword wielding character of all time. Do we really even need to debate this? Look at all the games that have been created around this character. There is no stopping him. If you put an adventure in front of Link he is going to accept and then defeat every villain in his path. Introduced in The Legend of Zelda developed by Nintendo Link is the hero that everyone loves. Not only is he great at wielding a sword but he is also intelligent. In the majority of the games he finds himself having to figure out puzzles along with defeating bad guys and nobody does it quite like him. His swords are epic, his style legendary. If there is ever anyone in need of rescuing, Link would be the first person to call. Link is and always will be the hero we need.

Who is your favorite sword wielding character? Think someone shouldn’t be on the list? Let us know in the comments below.