There you are enjoying your favorite activity…gaming. It could be that fps where you were last on one game, but then you won the next. What about racing around those laps? What about those amazing story driven games? All of these have one thing in common…you. As in you all alone. Sure playing online is fun and even playing games to go on that adventure, but one thing still stands…it’s you alone. Sure you can have family over or whatnot, but they may not be into the same thing and thus it all comes back to one single word…alone. But are you ready to have that change? Are you ready for the social interaction you deserve? Take the idea of players wanting to play some party games from their own homes and wanting to play.

Everyone puts on their VR headset where everyone can decide what and how to play. Want to race cars on a table…done. Want to battle each other…done. The great thing is games can always be added. Now I really hope We Are 4 will come to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…