Pilgrimage is a time of passage. A time where one must go on the journey. But what if the journey had no return? What if the one that was selected to go on that journey was someone you loved so much? From the story mind of Phillip K. Dick, comes the tale of a post-apocalyptic time where humanity is no longer the superior ones. Each year one young person is chosen by a nearby village on a pilgrimage to appease a mystery machine.

Follow Clare as her fiance’ has been chosen for this year’s pilgrimage. Clare is forced to leave and give up the safety of her village. But will Clare accept these rules as they are or will she stand up and fight for what she believes in? What would you do if someone you loved was chosen for a journey with no return in a time that is different from what you are used to?

Find out when The Great C breaks new Virtual Reality cinematic boundaries later this year on PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…