Developed by: Snowpeak Studio

Blood Ancestors will be having an early access release August 16, 2018 on Steam but have plans to bring the game to console.

The indie title will be a competitive first person multiplayer with emphasis on medieval combat. You will fight online with a team of four players trying to capture the relic but first you will have to defeat the other team and the blood ancestors.

What I have seen of Blood Ancestors reminds me a little of the Overwatch gameplay. You run around battling it out while each character has specific skills built in to help the team. The developers want these battles to be epic so prepare for long battles with your teammates. That definitely seems to be the theme this developer is going for as well, “teamwork” for the win. They want you to work together in order to achieve victory. Risky move when dealing with online play especially with a melee base for combat. The game has changed quite a bit from what it originally looked like in the Alpha version but the core still remains the same.

There are three factions that you will choose from in the game, Light, Blood and Darkness.

Here are some Main features of the game:

*Melee combat

*FPV Competitive Online

*Developed in UE4

*Platform PC, later development for consoles

*Fantasy medieval theme with modern and dynamic gameplay that empowers and depends on team play

*3 Faction, 6 archetypes of characters that offer 18 classes initially

*Skills class configuration

*Customization of colors and skins for each of the classes

Will the indie title be able to hold its own against some of the bigger online competitive games? That remains to be seen but the more I dig into the game the more I am impressed with its development. The first visuals released of the game where lackluster and made me question if this should see consoles or not. However, after seeing some recent footage you can tell it is coming together. That isn’t to say there won’t be bumps along the way but I am beginning to think Blood Ancestors and Blood Legends just might go hand in hand.

I have my fingers crossed that all goes well with the early release and we get some console news soon. I think I just might be ready to get my hands bloody.

What do you think? Does this indie game stand a chance amongst the bigger online games on console? Let us know in the comments below.