Are you ready?! Start your engines! Wreckfest is going to be one heck of a ride. Car racing mayhem at its finest. The features in Wreckfest are a plenty. There will be a career mode so you can fight your way to the top. There you will be able to rank up your car and unlock new parts. There will be numerous tracks to race around and even some real life tracks to choose from. The game will come with all sorts of modes including team death match.

Wreckfest will also include online multiplayer with up to 24 players! That is going to be one crazy race if you ask me. The developer is also saying there will be dedicated server support which is amazing news for anyone that plays online. Yeah it is a big deal.

The car crashing game will give us photo mode and replay ability which will surely lead to some kick ass pictures of sheer destruction. The thought of smashing into things and watching the metal fly appeals to me. There is sure to be enough in this game to keep any racing fan satisfied. Destruction, mayhem, customization, unique races, online play and challenge modes! Bring it on racers! You can preorder the game now. Wreckfest is set to release November 20, 2018 and I cannot wait to burn rubber in this one.

What do you think of car carnage? Will you join in on the mayhem? Let us know in the comments below.

Developer: BUGBEAR

Publisher: THQ Nordic