A loud crackling of thunder vibrated the dirt smeared windows. An eerie silence fell over the pawn shop. Mike the toaster was deep in thought.

“What is he doing?” A voice whispered.

“Yo I think he’s tying some sort of cloth around himself,” the mobster voiced jack hammer replied out loud.

The entire pawn shop erupted in laughter.

“Hey O’ the little toaster is getting all commando on us you guys,” said the jack hammer.

“I think you mean something else Tony but we get it,” said a soft voiced guitar.

“Nobody and I mean nobody over here’s cares about your opinion Elena,” replied the jack hammer.

Elena did the best she could to give him the one finger salute.

“Feisty,” chuckled Tony.

“They are making fun of you over there,” said Sim.

“I am fully aware of what those big dumb pieces of machinery think of me but it doesn’t matter,” said Mike.

“Uh…guys I don’t like the look in Mike’s eyes. He’s kind of bulging right now,” Sims voice cracked as it raised in tone.

“Mike don’t you think this is getting out of hand?” Asked Okura the 4th.

Mike lunged forward and grabbed Okura.

“I got this you scared out of date sorry excuse for electronics!”

“Whoa!” Shouted everyone in the display case.

“That hurt Mike. That hurt really bad,” said Okura the 4th.

“Yeah and now we have to explain why we got arms and how people can’t see them,” said Sim.

“The reader can draw conclusions on their own. I mean really it’s not that hard to figure out. We are talking electronics for crying out loud,” stated Mike.

PS Cooper hadn’t said a word to this point. He sat alone staring out the glass towards the front door.

“Maybe they are right Mike. I mean how do you propose we get out the front door once we are out of the display case. It’s locked and you know “The prick” takes the keys home with him every night.” The pawn shop owner was referred to as “The prick” because that’s all everyone had ever known due to fact that as each customer would leave the shop they would mumble “prick” as they left.

“I have a plan,” said Mike.

“Oh…there is the look again,” said Sim.

“What ever happened to you Sim? There was a time when you were incredible. Nothing scared you. I saw the prick drop you from the case one day and you took it like a champ. Bounced around like a kid hopped up on pixie sticks. Remember when ICharlie got dropped? Shattered like Tony’s ego when he couldn’t get through concrete anymore,” said Mike.

“I heard that,” came Tony’s voice from across the shop.

“I need that guy back Sim. We all need that guy back,” said Mike.

Things got real quiet for a moment.

“This is a little awkward,” whispered Okura the 4th to PS Cooper.

“I know, it looks like he might hug him,” replied Cooper.

Without warning Mike slapped Sim with a thunderous slap.

“Now pull it together and let’s make a dream come true for a sad, pathetic, orphaned probably won’t even power on piece of equipment.”

“A little over the top don’t you think,” Cooper whispered to Okura.

“Put your antenna down you’re embarrassing yourself,” said Mike.

“So what is the plan then Mike?” Asked PS Cooper.

Mike waved them all in and they huddled together in the display case. That entire side of the pawn shop was trying to listen in on Mikes plan but no one could hear him.

“I give it a 5% chance of working,” said Tony.

“You don’t even know the plan,” replied Elena.

“Like I said, 5% chance.”

PS Cooper, Sim, and Okura all had a bewildered look on their face. I few glances of confusion where shared between them. Mike had discussed his plan with intense conviction. It was clear he thought his plan would work.

“I don’t know about this Mike,” said Okura.

“Yeah it seems a bit risky,” added Cooper.

Mike let out a sigh, “It will work. Trust me.”

“Guys. Let’s trust Mike. What do we have to lose? Now where is this panel?” Said Sim.

Mike led them to the back of the display case and slid open the back panel. It had been so long since one of them had been outside the case they didn’t even remember how to slide open the panel. Not Mike though, Mike was like a steel trap but for toast.

“Sim come here buddy. It is your time to shine man. Drop down so you can catch us,” said Mike.

“I…I…don’t know about this,” said a nervous Sim.

“This is your destiny Sim. You were built for this,” said Mike.

Sim took a deep breath. He backed up a step. Took another deep breath. He stepped forward and looked over the edge.

“That looks a looooooooong!”

Mike shoved Sim over the edge and he crashed to the floor. They all gathered at the edge and looked down to see if Sim had shattered into pieces.

“I’m okay!” Shouted Sim.

“Huh, it actually worked,” chuckled Mike.

Each one of them leaped out of the display case. Surprisingly Sim caught them with incredible upper body strength.

“I had no idea,” Cooper said amazed by Sim.

“Eh, I’m old school,” Sim shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

“Now for the fun part,” said Mike as he peeked out from behind the display case.

“Are you sure this is going to work,” asked Okura.

“Is a 2-piece toaster more energy efficient than a 4-piece,” said Mike.


“It’s yes Okura, its yes,” Mike said annoyed.

Mike made his way across the pawnshop as all sorts of gadgets and items watched in curiosity. Sim, Okura, and Cooper made their way over near the front door of the shop.

Mike stood in front of the big equipment wall and looked up at the massive jack hammer.

“Hey Tony!” he shouted.

“What do yous want yous little pip squeak,” replied Tony.

“How does it feel knowing your hammer doesn’t work anymore?” Laughed Mike.

“Yous better watch it little toaster.”

“I bet all the other equipment here would agree that they can still get up for the job,” Mike again laughed which brought laughter from the other equipment.

“It only happened that one time you stupid toaster. What do you know about hammering things? Yous don’t hammer, other things go in you,” Tony replied in anger.

“Hey this isn’t about me buddy but I’m sure the old trusty hand hammer has more stamina than you these days,” said Mike.

“I would watch it little toaster or I’m gonnna hammer yous into the ground.”

“Please, with that little hammer?” Scoffed Mike.

“That’s it toaster, I’ve had enough!” Tony belted forward missing Mike by an inch.

The little toaster darted quickly for the front door with his eyes wide. Tony gave chase shaking the very foundation of the shop. The guys had never seen a toaster move so fast and it was almost comical to them had there not been a giant jack hammer giving chase. Just before Mike reached the door he hit a quick turn to the right and joined the others. The momentum was too great for Tony however even though he tried as hard as he could to put on the brakes. The jack hammer crashed through the front door and a loud alarm immediately echoed out into the night.

“Now is our chance!” Yelled Mike.

They darted out the front door in a hurry as PS Cooper looked back at Tony rolling around on the ground.

“Head for the alley,” shouted Mike.

One by one they disappeared into the alley.

“What do we do now?” Asked Cooper gasping for air.

“Uh…I hadn’t thought about that,” said Mike.