Imagine the fast-paced non-stop action of a game like Doom mixed with the crazy and inventive weapon concepts of a game like Ratchet & Clank. Now take those aspects and throw it into a procedurally generated sci-fi B movie full of humor and you’ve got yourself Mothergunship.

Mothergunship is a game from developer Grip Digital and Terrible Posture Games and is this fun assortment of genres that pits you against tons of enemies and tons of bullets. You play as an armored recruit with triple jump and the ability to craft badass weaponry to destroy the mothergunship.

Throughout its 10 mission structure you will find that each room you enter in any given stage will present a new challenge and with each new challenge you will learn how to properly use the weapon crafting system to create weapons that will best suit your playstyle. Crafting weapons is the biggest gameplay mechanic in Mothergunship and it is fun and easy to use. You will acquire different parts as you progress through each level but be warned, if you die at any point you will have to start the level from the beginning and lose any and all weapon parts that you may have gathered. While this may sound frustrating to some, it is this feeling of tension that harkens back to the video games of old where one wrong move and it was all the way back to the beginning.

I mentioned weapon crafting as being the major mechanic in Mothergunship it’s really an awesome way to play a game like this. You can use parts like connectors which let attach anything from barrels and modifiers to even more connectors. Take a rocket launcher, laser and grenade launcher barrel and connect all 3 to create this massive force of destruction or use your parts to fully upgrade a single weapon to do tons of damage. The possibilites here are almost endless and this is something I would love to see implemented into other shooters to some capacity.

Levels are varied with different enemy types and as soon as you enter a room be prepared to be overwhelmed with a barrage of bullets. As you explore these levels you’ll find different upgrades as well as special rooms that feature challenges that can help you unlock more weapon parts. Each level that you complete will net you all the weapon parts you gathered for you to bring on your next next mission. Boss fights are plenty and the scope of these battles is impressive. Side missions are also available for those who want to venture off from the main path so there is no shortage of content here for you.

If you find you are in the need of a breather from the more heavily story focused video games or just need something that doesn’t require excessive amounts of micro managing then Mothergunship is the game for you. Its a light hearted action packed shooter that will not only challenge you but will also test your creativity in gun crafting. At the time of this review there are no options for multiplayer but this is something that Grip Digital and Terrible Posture Games are going to change via a free update come August that will add online co-op to this already frenetic shooter.

Mothergunship was played and reviewed on a PS4 Pro.