With no signs of the Sly Cooper movie in sight, it was announced last year that our favorite Thievous Raccoonous and team would be receiving their very own animated TV show!

New details have emerged as it seems Sony is going BIG with this show, as 52 episodes coming in at 11 minute each are in production! The first 26 will arrive in October 2019, followed by the other half come July 2020.

The show is being produced by Technicolot Animation Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment and aimed at kids 6 to 11, but in all actuality it will be for us fans in their late 20’s and early 30’s enjoying this the most.

No information about what network and/or streaming service will have rights to this series is currently known at the moments. Perhaps Sony could make it available to PlayStation Plus members as an added bonus? Who knows!?

If you would like to see a teaser trailer for the series, click here!

Perhaps if the show is successful enough, Sony might green light another entry in the series?! We gotta believe, Brah!!