Very challenging. Rage mode engaged. This will probably be anybody after playing Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo. What a name. Developed by TACS Games and published by Poppy Works this little indie title will crush your soul. When the game starts out Evil King comes back to torment the little blue people and their kingdom. I guess he was on vacation.

You will notice some familiarities right away in this game. It is an old style side-scroller with the looks of Super Mario Brothers and Mega Man mixed. It also plays that way as well with the well-known go to a level and enter from a dot on the map. The objective of each level is to find all the skeletons and jump on their heads. Then you can pick it up and find the “shrine” within the level and toss it into oblivion, I’m guessing. The glowing cross reminded me of the Holy Grail and I immediately flashed back to Monty Python. I apologize if you don’t get that reference. You can pick up the skeleton heads, you can throw them, heck you can even kick them across the ground. You will be utilizing all of these, trust me. Other objects in each level you must collect are the coins and the jewel. Each level has these and they are for you trophy hunters out there. Get ready for some of the jewel placements to be downright cruel, just saying.

The level designs start out basic with a few jumps here and a few jumps there but that doesn’t last long. The difficulty ramps up in a hurry. Soon you will discover other enemies in the way like zombies and vampires but don’t get excited because they don’t look anything like that. Oh…the springs how I loathe thee. Hey somebody call Sonic to come help. Yes the dreaded springs are in this game. These are mainly used for you to jump around but you will also need them to toss your skulls around the level as well. Excuse me, I am having nightmares about those damn springs. Each level plays out like this, grab skulls and head to the shrine. Sometimes you will need to go all the way through a level just to get a skull and then back track to the shrine. That is where you will begin to rage. As the difficulty ramps up this causes many of deaths trying to back track. You will be doing this a lot. As I said before, rage mode engaged.

Now that you have completed a few levels it is time for the puzzle room! Yay! This is where you can solve a puzzle in order to gain more overall health. This is a must because of the jewel placements in the game. You WILL take damage trying to get some of these, you have been warned. The puzzle rooms were kind of cool and I thought it helped to break up a little bit of the monotony.

Bosses? Well of course there are bosses. These big mechanical and diabolical machines are a pain. They shoot out orbs or balls that you must catch before they explode and then toss them back. Each one of the bosses look the same but are different in ways. Again, think of Sonic. The bosses are difficult and the exploding balls will without a doubt kill you multiple times. The one thing that annoyed me about the boss battles was you need to collect a jewel while fighting the boss. I wouldn’t have even known this had I not stumbled upon one.


Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo just didn’t live up to the name for me. I enjoyed the old school feel to the game and the challenge it presented was well…challenging. I had fun playing it but only for a short period of time. It soon became repetitive and felt more like a chore with all the back tracking in levels. The saving grace in many circumstances though was the controls are very responsive in this game. The jumping mechanics and throwing work really well. The music gives it more of a retro feel and I seriously thought I was playing a Castlevania game at times.

I think with a little bit more creativity the title could have been more appealing. It doesn’t keep you wanting more because there is nothing to set this apart from any of the side-scrollers we have played in the past. With that said this game isn’t terrible. If you like a challenge then you will certainly find this entertaining. I considered that the best part of the game. There just isn’t enough substance to keep you going. Not terrible but not great.

Rating: 6 out of 10