Horizon Zero Dawn has completely changed the fate of Guerrilla Games. Once known as “the guys who make Killzone”, the phenomenal success of Aloy’s Awesome Adventures has jettisoned them to the forefront of SIE Worldwide Studios. The PlayStation Nation eagerly awaits the confirmation of the next Horizon game and Sony knows it. That is why things are changing for the Amsterdam-based company, as major changes are in the process of happening!

In an interview with a Dutch website Het Parool, Hermen “The Herm” Hulst talked about the future of Guerrilla Games. Their new aim is to have a workforce of 400 employees (they currently hace 250) working on multiple projects, new and old. Only one issue. Their current headquarters isn’t going to be enough for the massive army of devs. That is why the time has come to relocate to a new location with 7,300 square feet of space to build these amazing projects.

I’ve been looking for room for growth for three or four years. But that’s hardly possible in Amsterdam, which will be the base for Guerrilla. We’re going to put everything to our will. For ten years we do not have to worry about our accommodation anymore, the idea is that we will never go out here again.

Said Hermen about the New Location and perhaps his most interesting quote about producing titles faster, concentrating on titles both old AND new.

After Horizon Zero Dawn, we are accelerating, the best talents are coming to us, and last month we have already hired nine new people, but we also needed more space for our sound and motion tracking studios. We have worked at Horizon for 6.5 years, which is exceptional: we want to release games in the two or three years, both new titles and games based on existing titles.

Brah to the Yeah!!! Give us even more gaming goodness, Guerrilla!!! Behold the new palace which Guerrilla Games will occupy!

So when Sony talked about doubling-down on their first-party studios, they really meant they were super-sizing Guerrilla Games. I have no problem with this. The Decima engine is an amazing set of tools providing their team (And Kojima Productions!!) with the power to build fantastic games now.. and in the future.

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