Fans of My Hero Academia your time to celebrate will arrive later this year when Bandai Namco brings My Hero’s One Justice to the West on the PS4!

Get ready to battle with all of your favorite Heroes and Villains such as All Might, Deku, All For One, Muscular, Froppy, Bakugo, and so many more across a grand variety of features! (PLUS ULTRA!)

Customization mode, Mission mode, Online battles, and Two story modes. Oh yesssss. Plus the gameplay looks to be fast, furious, and totally captures the essence of the mega-popular anime/manga series!

I’m almost at the end of the second season, so The Brah is definitely all about this game. However, I don’t undestand why Bandai Namco is releasing it on October 26, the SAME day as Red Dead Redemption 2. Then again, the fandoms are opposite ends of the spectrum I suppose.

Will you summon your Quirk and give My Hero’s One Justice a shot this Fall? (PLUS ULTRA!)