Wow has 2018 been great with all the awesome titles released so far this year. We still have Marvel’s Spider-Man, We Happy Few, Fallout 76 and many more to come. We also shouldn’t forget about some of the stellar indie games that should release this year like Eitr, Visage and Death’s Gambit. Holy smokes this is going to be a fun slate of games. With all these game coming out I would like to take a look at four games I feel are deserving of a “Game of the Year” mention.

Monster Hunter: World

When Monster Hunter: World released on January 26, 2018 by Capcom I didn’t really know what to expect. I hadn’t played one previously but I was excited to get started. This game did not disappoint at all. You could tell as soon as the game started this was going to be an epic journey. It’s gorgeous and some of the scenes in this game are breathtaking. Now I must add that it is so much better with a group of friends. You can head out on your own but nothing beats slaying an Elder Dragon with a group. Believe me you probably need a team effort in order to defeat many of the monsters in this game. They are big. They are fierce and they are beautifully designed. What sets this game apart is the gear you can customize for you character. There are so many pieces for you to collect it can get overwhelming if you do not stick to one class. Hunting and gathering for certain items to complete your armor set is incredibly fun. Watching your friend ride the back of a giant monster is even more satisfying. Seriously if you haven’t picked up a copy of this game you should definitely give it some consideration. Don’t be surprised when you see that you have amassed over 100 hours on the game though.

Shadow of the Colossus

Did you play the original on the PlayStation 2? I mean how could you not play this epic adventure? Maybe you wasn’t alive? I don’t know. A remake for the PlayStation 4 was released on February 6, 2018 with improved graphics. Come on it was more than improved. It felt like the game was not only a remake but an all new game on its own. Now that isn’t to say the story or the core of the game changed, nope. It was just amazing to see how much the game did change. The controls, the colossus and the environment were overhauled. Beautiful. Simply put beautiful. If you played this game before it will take you back on a journey. That of searching out the colossus on horseback and then guiding Wander to seek out the weak points.

The game is large on scale…well I mean they are colossus right. I will never forget the struggle I felt as I watched each of these giants crumble to the ground. It is really something to behold and something that I think most of us struggle with emotionally. If you haven’t played this game at all I highly recommend picking up the remake and giving it a play through. Just know that it could make you feel conflicted.

God of War

Of course Kratos and his son Atreus is going to make the list, boy! Released on April 20, 2018 by Santa Monica Studio it was again time to get our God of War on. Not just because it was Kratos the God of War but there also a change of scenery. The mad geniuses sent our God slayer into the realm of Norse mythology. When the first trailer was announced my head immediately started spinning. I love Norse mythology and I could tell right away this was going to be a different adventure with Kratos. Oh boy gamers were we in for a treat. No longer did Kratos wield his double blades oh no! This go around he uses a battle axe! How bad ass is it to throw that axe at some enemies? Almost as bad ass when it returns and whacks them upside the back of their head. Excuse me I have to go play some God of War real quick.

Ok I’m back. Ah…there is no rage like a Kratos rage feel me. What’s that? Atreus? Yes I know I am getting to that as well. Let us not forget the emotionally charged son of Kratos. I’m not crying you are crying. We all know the struggles between the father and son duo but this enhanced the overall experience of the game for me. It makes you think. It makes you feel. I didn’t expect this going into God of War but I felt myself several times fighting back the tears. This is a great game. It’s appealing to the eyes. It’s brutal. It’s emotional and it’s absolutely the story Kratos and Atreus deserved.

A Way Out

This one might come as a surprise to some but this game is an absolute beast. It is Co-op only and this is so brilliantly done you need to experience it for yourself. Released on March 23, 2018 by Hazelight Studios this game should be played by everyone. In this game you get to play as Vincent Moretti and Leo Caruso two gentleman who have been sent to prison. You will need to work together if you are going to escape (which of course happens) and then you will certainly have to work together in order to stay free men. There is so much heart in this game it’s unbelievable.

I played this with my friend and we uploaded it on our YouTube channels we had such much fun. I laughed hysterically, I got angry and in some moments I got downright choked up. Seriously there was a moment in the game if you’ve watched our play through where I can’t even speak I am that upset. I never got the feeling that either of these men were bad guys just put in bad situations. The game pulls that off beautifully. I enjoyed the fact the game was set back in 1972 because it gives the prison and gameplay more grit. Working together with your friend is also done on a remarkable level. One of you always has something to do whether it’s being a lookout or the guy that has to do the dirty work. The story brings this game all together though. It will draw out emotions in you there is just no way out of that. See what I did there? Ha! Hey I can be funny…ok maybe not but enough about my cleverness. If you haven’t played this game grab a buddy and one copy of the game (Yeah you only need one copy for both of you to play!) and plan your escape. This game is a must play in my opinion gamers. Don’t believe me? Go check the reviews.

What do you think? Is there a game out there that should replace one of these games? Let us know in the comments below.