What happens when a game isn’t ready to be released? Might as well release it anyways, right? That is kind of how Defiance 2050 feels in a way. The game launched on July 10, 2018 by Trion Worlds and you can currently play it for free. Hey! Free is always good. Well…not always. When the game finally started (because servers were down) I was already aware this was an MMO and that there could potentially be problems. I would think of this game to be parallel with Never Winter just with guns. I was pleasantly surprised with the dialogue at the beginning. It wasn’t terrible and being able to create a custom character is a bonus in my book. And yes! My character is a female. I love female lead characters. I think they’re bad ass. However after the intro and the ship crashed and blah…blah cut scene it was time for the tutorial. Then the problems really began. Let me just say I am perfectly fine with server problems dealing with a new game, it happens, let’s not act like it doesn’t.

During the tutorial I experienced major lag issues. I began to wonder if I was even going to be able to complete the tutorial. My three other friends who were trying the game out was experiencing the same issues. That didn’t stop me though. I pushed forward. Bad shooting and all. We all noticed quickly that this game was not going to blow you away with its graphics. Yep not going to happen. So what, we like to play shooting adventure games together.

Once you go through a few tasks you make your way down into an open area where you will proceed with the “Protect the objective” mission. This is where things went off the rails. You are tasked to defeat 75 enemies and this was made incredibly difficult due to lag. Yet again I wanted to play this game so I pulled up my big boy britches and moved on. I fought and fought the enemies until 75 had been dispatched. I watched the cut scene and moved on to my next mission. Or at least that is what I thought. The game crashed. Oh well, I will just reboot and start where I had left off. NOPE! The game caught a bug. I was sad. It would not let me progress past the cut scene after that incident. I had to delete my character and start all over.

This might be the time where you would ask me, “Why not just give up?” Nay I say. A legend like myself doesn’t give up that easily. Of course all my friends had made it and were impatiently waiting for me to finish. Even though there was clear problems with trying to link up together already. We pressed on. I finished my tutorial and it was time to become a true Ark hunter! We were ready to protect these areas from the invading aliens. Oooor…at least we thought. It took what seemed like an eternity to figure out how we could all join up together but we finally accomplished our goal. Now it was time to take out some bad guys. Oh! But wait! There is more. The area we was in was filled with online players and it was incredibly buggy. An attack fell right in our laps before we knew what was going on. It was chaos, I had no idea what was going on because things would appear and disappear rapidly. This went on for about 10 minutes before we decided we needed to vacate the area and get away from all the other users. Once we did this the game finally seemed to settle down.

Now after all this time we could focus on learning the controls and doing some missions. After a few missions of going from point A to point B and killing some aliens a couple of my friends started to complain about the controls and menu. It isn’t user friendly. Things are difficult to read and there are multiple ways to navigate through the menu. It felt cumbersome to get into the menu and find what you wanted to see. Numerous times I would pick up a weapon and it would change the load out I already had. It really did feel like there was multiple buttons you could push just to bring up your load out in order to change it. One friend would say press “this” while the other would say press “that” and so the vicious cycle continued.

Now I do not want to bash on this game too much. It is a new game and it is currently free to play. The gun play can be a blast at times. There were times when we finally figured out how things worked were we did have some fun. There were some funny moments. Once I discovered that you could level up your weapons it really got interesting. I love advancing my weaponry, it’s my jam. I truly think if the devs can get this thing under control and maybe make some adjustments to the menu in future updates then this game can succeed. It has the potential to be a fun MMO with your friends. However in the current state I cannot recommend playing this game unless you like to get frustrated.

I am sure there are those out there that feel they have had zero problems with the game and that may be true but there was four of us playing together and all of us experienced problems. If you didn’t, rock on and if you enjoy this game that is great. I on the other hand will probably take a step back before I invest too much time into the game. Hopefully there will be future updates and content to help improve the play. I will not rate this game as I feel it is unfair in its current state. Until then, have fun Ark hunters!