Here we go bomber crew here we go! Welcome to your bomber crew. Here we will train you to be the best of the best. There is no fear in the bomber crew…oh wait yes there was and plenty to go around. Let me tell you what, I wasn’t expecting it but this game will kick you in the teeth real fast.

Developer: Runner Duck

Publisher: Curve Digital

Bomber crew has two modes. Campaign and Challenge mode.

The campaign starts off like most games with a tutorial and my advice, pay attention. While the crew and everything else is made up of cute cartoonish graphics do not let this fool you. Things move fast in the tutorial and it is quite difficult. At first I wasn’t pleased with the controls. They seemed confusing and didn’t feel natural for what was trying to be accomplished. Here you will learn how to move your crew members around the plane. Again I think this could have been simplified. You will also learn how to tag targets, see what each duty the crew members are to perform and then learn how to land the plane. Sounds fun right? Once the tutorial was out of the way it was time for the briefing. Here you get to see your crew and who survived the mission. Since it was a tutorial everyone made it back, those were the days.

The game officially kicks off at RAF Woodbridge base. In the overview screen you can see the base and stats of your missions completed. Hey but we don’t have time to play around. Let’s find us some recruits!


Once again this was a little confusing at first. You basically have to thumb through the recruits and look to find out your needs. Choose your recruit wisely though as each one can have different attributes. Here is something most of you out there will like. You can customize the characters. Yep you heard that loud and clear. I didn’t spend much time on this but you could change facial features all the way down to their names. I thought this was a cool little bonus.

Crew Gear:

Now that we have our recruits…wait sorry they are crew members now! It is time to outfit them in their gear. You really want to pay attention here as well. The gear is essential for your crew members and it could be what keeps them alive. Gain too much altitude and they will freeze. Let the plane get shot at and they become susceptible to being wounded quicker. All this can be combated with the gear. You will need to see which one changes attributes and outfit them accordingly. A very neat addition to this is the music playing in the background. I found it pleasing to hear as I decked out my crew in their gear.


Here you can see the specifics of what each crew member does. As you advance through the game the crew member will level up their specific duty or they can unlock more skills. For example one of my crew member’s duty was to be a gunner and once I progressed I unlocked a second skill in which I chose mechanic. So not only could she man one of the gunner stations she could also fix things on the plane. I really thought this was a great idea and it certainly came in handy later on.


Let’s customize! Looking like a British Avro Lancaster the bomber plane is almost fully customizable. Here you can add your own personal avatar. Your very own tag, as you can see I chose “Legends” to go on the side of the plane. The paint can be changed, the turrets, equipment, systems and more. Watch the pricing though as things jump up in a hurry and you do not want to be left without funds.


In this area you can see the enemy fighter aces on the left side of the screen and on the right you have your main missions. Here you can select which missions you want to take on and each one will very in risk as you progress through the game. The first of the missions are pretty simple. Go here. Take picture. Go here. Drop bomb. That does not last for long though.

Select your mission when you are ready and be on the lookout for those ace pilots. They come with a hefty bounty. Another piece of advice. Learn each of your crew members and where they are located quickly. Things pick up fast and before you know it fighter planes will be trying to take you down. This will lead to damages, fires, malfunctions or even worse, one of your crew members being wounded. You must act fast in repairs all the while trying to defend your bomber from being blown out of the sky. Just check out my bullet riddled plane.

I hope you paid attention in the tutorial because now you will be in the thick of things. You see the pattern here right? Pay attention to the details! After a few missions things ramp up in difficulty. You will have more objectives to bomb (DO NOT USE ALL OF YOUR BOMBS ON ONE TARGET) and plenty of dang fighters to fend off. Tagging the fighters and your targets did get frustrating at times. I would find myself trying to tag a target all the while getting pelted by enemies. Then I had a rough go of it when things started to malfunction and again the enemy would come in for the kill. Oh and guess what? You have to do all this while keeping the plane on target or it will just fly off away from everything. I learned that the hard way. Let us also not forget the medical attention one will need if a crew member is injured. RIP Lombard. You will be missed. I told Anderson not to take the last med pack even though it was an accident because I mashed the wrong button in panic. The button layout is not your friend. It takes practice. Needless to say things are not easy going until you get the hang of it and even then the game is difficult.


All in all Bomber Crew is a lot of fun if you enjoy this type of game. There will be moments where you think this is tedious. Where you want things to move along at a quicker pace. There will also be those moments where you are freaking out because everything is going wrong and it’s a complete blast to see it happen. I have to admit I didn’t think too much of this game when it was first presented to me, I was wrong. With the detail to each function of this game the developer certainly deserves credit. People will enjoy being able to customize things. They will also enjoy the craziness that ensues up in the sky. My only complaint. If you pause the game it can get stuck in the menu and you have to quit the game. It’s only annoying but not a deal breaker. Do not forget to put down your landing gear though or you will be circling home base for a long time. Pretty much the same thing I will be doing with this game as I plan on keeping it in my rotation for quite some time. Safe travels to all the future Bomber Crews.

Rating: 8 out 10