Sony’s Worldwide Studios have cemented their legacy this generation as some of the Kings (and Queens!) of Singe-player games. Titles such as Infamous: Second Son, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn have given gamers these amazing worlds to experience, with riveting stories and unforgettable characters that we’ve grown to love.

As successful as all of these titles have been, PlayStation’s exclusive lineup is missing that key multiplayer title that keeps gamers coming back again and again.

While giving the keynote at Develop: Brighton today, Shuhei Yoshida (Aka ‘Shu’), President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, was asked why Sony focused on SP games while the industry as a whole is (wanting to) head more towards Gaas titles, he admitted that he wishes WWS was “more successful on the multiplayer side as well.”

That doesn’t mean Sony would ever force their teams to make a multiplayer or Gaas title, as Shu allows teams to “follow their hearts” when it comes to creative decisions as to what they work on.

Sure, Sony would love to have their own Fortnite Battle Royale, to make all that sweet, sweet microtransaction money, but if the ingredients aren’t there to make it, a forced product has little chance of being a good product.

What do you think? Does Sony need their own multiplayer hit game or should they continue their focus on amazing single-player experiences?