It’s all about family in Children of Morta. You play as the Bergson family fighting against evil. The family has watched over Mount Morta for a long time but it is now being invaded by a mysterious corruption. In the game you can choose from any one of the family members with each having their own abilities. Interested yet? Did I mention the beautiful pixel art done on this game? What about demonic creatures as enemies? Oh now I have your attention. Great. Children of Morta will be a hack ‘n’ slash adventure game with magic elements. Just like Moonlighter this game will give you procedurally generated levels which seems to be a big thing recently. This will certainly keep the game fresh as you fight your way through dungeons within the mountain. Who wants to call dibs on playing as Lucy? She wishes to become a powerful mage and can attack with magical missiles, explosive bombs or even use a fire curse.

Her brother Kevin on the other hand is like an assassin. He can roll out of the way and attack you with his dagger or if you are out of reach…look out! Kevin can throw his dagger with precision at his foes. If this doesn’t appeal to you (I don’t know what you are thinking) then you can play as Joey, Linda, Mark, or John. Whew! Ok…now I need to think about my first choice.

From the looks of the Kickstarter page there will be a Co-op mode as well. That is huge. It would more than likely take me back to the days of Baldur’s Gate. I miss that game. I think we could get that same experience here with being able to craft items, equip weapons and gear…ok I’m convinced I must have this game.

All jokes aside though. When you have a wonderful story, amazing pixel art and hack ‘n’ slash combat I say you have a recipe for success.

The one thing that intrigued me the most about this game was how much the developers put into the story. It feels as if the backstory will be rich with family lore. Watch the story trailer below and decide for yourself.

The game has a 2018 release date so hopefully we get an exact date soon. The more I look at this game the more it moves up on my list. I had a blast playing Moonlighter and this game looks to be of that variety. Albeit with more options to fit your game style. Imagine how much replay you will get on this game with being able to choose different characters and the ever changing elements.  

If Children of Morta is as advertised then I might have to take my family along on the adventure.

Developed by: Dead Mage

Publisher: 11 bit studios

What do you think? Will this family adventure be worth a play? Let us know in the comments below.