News leaked over the weekend that Darksiders III would be bringing Fury’s pain to our wallets on November 27. THQ Nordic has since made it official, unveiling not one but TWO collector’s edition. Put your wallet on guard — this is about to hurt.

The first CE, which will run you $149.99 comes with:

  • Copy of the Darksiders III.
  • 11-inch statue of Fury.
  • Premium box.
  • Steelbook.
  • Artbook.
  • Exclusive armor DLC.

If that isn’t enough for you, then perhaps the $399.99 Apocalypse Edition will help that hole burning in your wallet. You still get all the goodies above… PLUS MORE!

  • Why stop at only a 11-inch statue of Fury when you can also have 10-inch versions of Death, War, and Vulgrim?!?
  • A 30″ x 40″ wall scroll.
  • A 2″ heavyweight amulet w/ necklace.
  • Premium box.

All that for only $399.99, Brah!! You still have 4 months until release, which is P L E N T Y of time to save all that money up!!

If you want an overview of both collector’s editions, IGN has your first look at them!

See you on November 27, Brah!!