“Well that was fun.” This is probably a great line to say after playing a video game you really enjoyed. “Wonder if there will be a sequel?” Now this is something you say after you played a game that was deserving of another round. See here is the thing with me and I think with a lot of gamers. We love to sit around and think of the “What if,” scenarios. What if P.T was ever finished? What if No Man’s Sky had lived up to the hype? Oh how we love to ponder the unknown. How about we explore more recent games that are deserving of a sequel but might not necessarily need one.

Little Nightmares


This is one of those games that when it finally ends you are left with your jaw dropped. Playing as a little girl named Six you find out that nightmares are real and it resides in the Maw. Thinking back on it gives me the shivers. There were moments where I was screaming to myself, “Run!!” Solving puzzles and working your way through the depths of a nightmarish place was enough for me to fall in love with this game. The creativity Tarsier Studios showed and the sheer terror they put you through would certainly deserve another go around in my opinion. Would it be possible? I don’t know but I had an absolute blast playing as Six.



As of right now Bethesda has announced there will be a sequel to the 2016 DOOM. This is great news. Not only did the revival of DOOM bring back the gore we all love it also gave us some exciting online play. I admit I have spent way too much time in the online mode trying to twist off another players head. Yeah…it’s really satisfying. The guns are brutal the combat intense and nothing will light a fire under your ass like seeing a demon baring down on you. DOOM was a massive hit for fans and if they can up the ante just a little in the sequel…look out!

Hellblade: Senua’s SacrificeHellblade (8)

Hellblade Senua’s sacrifice was one of the top picks of mine for game of the year when it came out. There is so much in this game to love. Senua first and foremost. She is a bad ass but she is also fragile in ways. Maybe not physically but emotionally. Senua is brutal in her attacks but heartfelt when she speaks about her love. The thought of what she went through in this game is a punch to the gut. I found myself almost relieved when it finally ended. Not because I wanted it to end but because I wanted so much more for her. The combat is stellar and the Viking enemies are beautifully done. I know making a sequel to such a game wouldn’t make all that much sense but damn if it doesn’t deserve one.

Horizon Zero Dawn


Okay…can we all agree that this was probably the game of the year when it came out? No…really? You cannot hold a good Aloy down. Whew was she fantastic in this game. A matter of fact the only way I see this game not getting a sequel is if Aloy steps out of the game and says, “Nah I’m good,” and that is it! From heartbreaking moments to incredible fights with machines this one had it all. The weapons, the characters, the scenery! I could go on for days. You my boy Rost! Need I say more? No way will I pass up an opportunity to grab my bow and head out on another adventure with Aloy. Can you think of a reason this shouldn’t get a sequel?

Fight Night


An oldie but a goodie. Listen I know what you are thinking. This game had several follow ups. Yes I know but with all the other games getting continuation we need to ask ourselves why can’t we get another Fight Night? The last one was released on March 1, 2011. Really? We can get another copy and paste Madden every year but not a good boxing game? I get it not everyone is a fan of boxing. You could say the same thing about UFC and we have three of those now. Three fighting games that seem to be heading in the wrong direction as far as quality is concerned. How about we get a legit boxing game. One where ALL the past champions and ALL the current champions are on the game. Keep the greats in the game and toss in some of the lesser known fighters for a campaign mode. I miss Fight Night and when I started my YouTube channel it was the highest viewed videos on my channel. Guess what? They are still the highest viewed videos on my channel. Bring it back! Fight fans deserve this one.

What do you think about the list? Is there a game you think should have made the list instead? Let us know in the comments below.