We all know the story by now. Gran Turismo Sport wasn’t the meatiest GT title at launch, something which fans had come to expect out of the series. Although fans were warned the game would be more of a ‘service’ titles when compared to earlier entries in the series, fans wanted their 500+ cars NOW!

Polyphony Digital has done a great job adding new content on a monthly basis and that commitment to producing more content continues for the month of July!

The latest tease from the official Gran Turismo Twitter account gives us a tease of some truly beautiful scenery.

Lawdy. What a beautiful game. If you’re a fan of the series who has been waiting for the right moment to return to the series, Gran Turismo Sport is miles ahead of what it was at launch. You can easily find it for $20 at most major retails outlets these days. Plus it has PlayStation VR support for all of you PSVR owners out there!