Can we have some fun talk for a minute? There are tons of games out there that you have to ask, how are they continuing? Granted every game on this list I have enjoyed. However, I am not sure how much I would miss them if they stopped. Please keep in mind I am not saying these should absolutely go away forever. I am just saying would we really be all that sad if they did?


This is one of those games that comes out every year and I honestly believe this should stop. With the access to update rosters and patch the game how you see fit I do not think it would be an issue to skip a few years. I was at one time an avid Madden fan. That day has come and gone. So many poorly constructed games left a sour taste in my mouth and it wasn’t because of candy. I no longer own a Madden game for every year but I do play them because I know people that purchase it still. That is why this game will not die off.


You cannot bring up Madden and not bring up 2K. It wouldn’t be fair. Same formula here although I admit I do not own years and years’ worth of this game. Just like Madden though I know those people that purchase this game every year. Can we please utilize the ability to update the roster already? Move on.

Call of Duty

This is one game I am ready to see take a break. I have owned so many of these games that my wallet feels abused by it. I loved the older versions of Call of duty. World at war was an absolute beast in my book. I would play it with my buddy for so long that my eyes would stop focusing and my vision would get blurry. I do not recommend putting your eyes through such things. I know we’ve all done it. This game to me though has basically jumped the shark as far as its gameplay. It has become monotonous, repetitive and predictable. I understand that they tried with World at War 2 but the flaws are too great. It is time we take a break. Maybe after a few years the developers will get the creative juices flowing and give us another fantastic title like Black Ops.

Mortal Kombat

Here is another game that I feel has run its course. Is this game fun? Yes. Is it something you want to play for an entire month? No. With the new Mortal Kombat being teased I began to think. “Do we really need another one?” I had fun with X and it has been out for some time now but unless it’s a complete overhaul of the combat system I do not see the purpose. It just doesn’t get me excited as it once did. Mortal Kombat fans don’t hate me but what could they possible do that hasn’t already been done?

Resident Evil

This one is surely to get me in some trouble. Resident Evil is one of my favorite franchises of all time. When the remake of Resident Evil 2 was announced I seriously had a panic attack. I love these games and part 7 brought me back to its roots but I also believe it came full circle. It completed itself. I know…”the story isn’t done.” I get it, “but it opened up a whole new world.” Yes…I know. Where does Resident Evil go from here though? Do we go back to fighting zombies? Fighting the people that spread the virus? Where could we possibly go from here?! Maybe I just don’t want them to ruin what Resident Evil 7 accomplished. Maybe I am afraid they will tarnish that game with a follow up. I mean they did give us Resident Evil 4 which was my 2nd favorite. Let’s not talk about six though, thank you. It would be nice if the team could make one more and wrap it up. Send it off with a bang. Would some part of me be sad to see it end? Yep, but I think too much of something can be a bad thing. Ahh to hell with it. Bring on some more zombies!

What do you think about the list?

Should I replace one of these with something else?

Have I completely lost my mind?

Let us know in the comments below.