I have said it before and I will say it again, the horror genre and Virtual Reality go together. It can be physical, psychological, even found footage or a point of view. No matter what the case, something about the unknown, the ability to possess, and even just preying on our darkest fears. As important as immersion and sound are to Virtual Reality, the atmosphere…the lighting…the very basic of sounds from a chair moving to the screams of the souls all play a very important vital role when creating a horror experience for VR. So does Developer Wolf & Wood and Publisher LegionVR, LLC vision of The Exorcist, one of the most iconic Horror movies to grace the screen, able to bring the same terror, the same fear in their vision to VR? Let’s find out with The Exorcist: Legion VR for the PlayStation VR.

*** Before I begin, I want this noted…if you are easily scared please make sure you are able to handle this. You will experience heart pumping times, scares will happen, and neither Wolf & Wood Interactive, Ltd., LegionVR, LLC, and/or The PlayStation Brahs have or will be responsible for any nightmares you may encounter. Now with all that said and by continuing on, you understand and are responsible for anything that can and may happen.

I also will not spoil any of the chapters for you. I will not…cannot do a walk through. That would be giving you the short end of the VR experience stick. The developers wouldn’t want that, I cannot do that to you, and you would not want to have this experienced ruined for you. You need to be able to scream on your own…you need to have your heart racing (in a safe and fun way)…you need to experience everything the Exorcist: Legion VR  has to offer…you have been warned. ***

I have learned a lot of things about Horror VR and there are three very important rules that I want to share with you. #1) Respect the world…One does not simply go guns a blazing around every corner. This will not end well for anyone. So appreciate what it is giving to you. #2 Corners…VR allows you to peak around corners…use that to your advantage…take some deep breaths and use those corners. #3 Hesitation – First and foremost, for the most part, you are playing a game, but in VR Horror, the game starts to play you. So do not hesitate to pray, do not hesitate to be scared, and do not hesitate to have fun.

So as long as you understand the warning and you at least understand the rules, let’s get to the review. As of this review, there are only three chapters available with chapters 4 and 5 coming at later dates. So this review will be based on these three chapters. When chapters 4 & 5 come out, I will add those to this review

Chapter 1 – First Rites

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When you first start you learn about the controls. You will need both Move controllers or the Dualshock 4 controller. You will also notice that you carry a phone, a note pad, and any other objects that are worth collecting. I love how you can set how you want to turn and the speed, which is always nice to have options. Once you feel somewhat comfortable with the controls, it is time to move on. All the chapters begin with you in your police office. Once First Rites has been selected, you will hear a calming call on the radio (think of this as your safety blanket cause you will need one) letting you know that there has been some sort ritual at the St. Paul Church. This was my first of many warnings to remind me how I should remember rule #3 and start to pray.

As you start to investigate the crime scene you will notice numbers. From the entry to the church I appreciated the amount of detail that was added and how immersive it was. From the floorboards to the way the lighting of the room hit at the right angles causing the shadows to be how I imagined it would be if I was there investigating. So great work so far Wolf & Wood. But my calmness soon wore off once I grabbed my book that encased the crucifix, I knew something bad was going to happen and this was just the beginning of Chapter 1.

When you have to read that you are supposed to find out what happened to the priest and you have that silence where you can only hear your own fear in the form of your breath and you add the anticipation of either music or a sound or at least something to jump at you that is good, but to have me open a door almost like a open it quick as I try to mover backto get out of the way only for nothing to be there, that is a well-played situation.

As you are searching for clues pay attention to how things that onced seem normal seem to have a life of their own. From normal positive lighting to a more possive tone. Could a statue of this size, actually move on its own or wasx there something else present that I could not see, asctually be here. I swear I heard breaths and whispers that I don’t think were supposed to be part of this or maybe it was. All I know is something greater…something near me wanted to be be known…to be seen…to know it was watching me. So well played…well played.

Chapter 2 – Idle Hands

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After completing Chapter 1, don’t rush on to Ch. 2. But take the time to look around and you just might discover even more information.I mean you have been through a lot…remember rule #1…respect what was just the world and just appreciate what you experienced. Chapter 2 has visiting the community hospital where we visit Lucie Moss, the school teacher. who just happens to be mentally ill and who is messing with the occult.

If visiting a church was not frightning enough, just wait until you visit the hospital with its dim and flickering lights trying to conduct an exorcisim. The initial room where you are first hearing about Lucie and the evidence that is layed out is very well detailed. I love how the book titles just give off an essence of evil. It would have been awesome to be able to turn the pages to then have something pop out at you. Wait…no it wouldn’t. That was a bad idea and I apologize for the suggestion . Yes, there are some parts of this room that I had to take off the headset because of how freaky it was.

I really like how you start to get a better understanding of the items you collected from Chapter 1 and you get to use them more in this chapter. And it truly is disturbing when you finally get to meet the guerst of honor. I truly did not want to go into the next room. It’s all that anticipation that is strategically placed.

If you are closterphobic in anyway, Chapter 2 plays on that very well. Being immersed in VR is one thing, but being immersed in tight closed spaces that seem to go on is another. I do not want to go in any more detail, but just get ready for the unexpected, but remember rule #2…corners

Chapter 3 – Skin Deep

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First we had a church, then the hospital, and now babies in cribs. This may be the freakiest or best one yet depending on your thoughts. Chapter 3 is about infant mortality and how parents have been experiencing the sound of an old woman calming the cries of the babies. But the spirit to who some call Abyzou is the one to be blamed for all the misfortune.

I don’t know what it was about this chapter that had me go at it more cautiously. It could have been the voices on the baby monitor to immideaitly havine a staircase right in front of you. It could be the dimly lit room and seeing the baby in the crib…or it could have been a combination of everything plus Chapters 1 and 2. There  is a lot more to do in this chapter, but sometimesI wasn’t sure if I needed to do everything to move on or if I needed to wait for some of that anticipation that has been planned out.

After each chapter and once you return back to your office, you can check out how well you did by picking up the clipboard. My first play through of Chapter 1, I completed only 75%. I didn’t notice at first, but before you begin a chapter, pick up the clipboard and at the bottom is a check list. This will help you get that 100% completion, if that is your type of thing.

Sound wise, The Exorcist: Legion VR is spot on. From faint sounds to whispers, to the breathing, creeks, and to the dramatic intense meetings its all here. In a world of  The Exorcist, sound and music are key and Wolf & Wood nailed it. Immersion wise I cannot say this enought. In VR Horror, the atmosphere plays a strong role as much as sound and music and just as with the sound and music, it is very well spot on.

There were some things that I noticed that could be corrected with a patch. Some of the writings may be a little hard to read. It would be nice to be able to read everything just a tad more clearer, but this doesn’t break away from the immersion. I just felt I missing just a tad bit of the story. Also, sometimes when I would grab something and either I let go or it just fell, sometimes it was a little difficult to pick up. Not everyone is going to have the same camera placement, so I would have loved to have an assistance in picking objects off the floor, maybe when in the crouch position. This is not a deciding factor by any means, but just a suggestion. Again these can corrected with an update. Each chapter is about 20 minutes long. So just keep this in mind, which depending on how you handle VR Horror, may be the right amount of length for you.

The Exorcist; Legion VR is sure to excite many horror fans out there. If the goal was to go out and try to scare you by playing off  certain fears that you may have or mat not be aware of, then it possibly completed that goal. It’s going to be up to you to see if you think it succeeded in what it set out to do. But I do know it did do one thing and that was to set up some fun times.

The Exorcist: Legion VR is out now with chapters 4 and 5 coming out later. You can also get the season pass here (includes Chapers 2 -5). If you just want to get the individual chapters, you can get Chapter 1 now, get Chapter 2 now, and get Chapter 3 now. A review copy was provided. To learn more about The Exorcist: Legion VR and Legion VR, LLC. please visit the site and make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. To learn more about Wolf & Wood, please visit their site and make sure you follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy.   Until next time, I need to play this with the lights out.