Friday 9 Oct 64 you work alone using the Redactor. “Arthur,” a voice calls out to you. Have you taken your joy today? The first thing you notice is the colors. They pop in such a vibrant way. Things are eerily familiar with the news articles and it’s clear Arthur is censoring them for some unknown purpose.

Enter We Happy Few!

By now we have seen some gameplay and we have an idea of the psychedelic trip that will take place. The thing we do not know is, why? What brought the people of Wellington Wells to this point? Let’s get ready to dive into this open-environment game.

Developed by Compulsion Games

Published by Gearbox Publishing

We Happy Few is set to release August 10 2018 and is highly anticipated by gamers. I thought with the release date upon us now would be a good time to share opinions on what we expect. What was reiterated and discussed in more detail at E3 is that there will be three play throughs. What?! With three different characters no less! All of these characters will intertwine in some way that couldn’t be revealed at the time.

We Happy Few also uses permadeath which can be turned off but the idea itself is intriguing. Why you say? Because this game is also ever changing. Each play through is procedurally generated which means the environment may not stay the same. Super cool.

There is definitely a mystery to unlock in this clockwork orange looking game. The combat appears to be hands on and the visuals certainly appealing to the eye. I am ready to step into these characters and fight off those that want to subdue me.

But not only does the game visually look great the characters and their interactions will bring the story to the forefront. That is essentially the big picture. The story. Will you be able to survive in Wellington Wells? That will depend on how well you scavenge the city for items to craft and use. You will need to be smart, stealthy and aware of your surroundings at all times. We Happy Few is dangerous and I think it’s going to put some of the best gamers to the test. Check out this trailer from E3. It gives me goosebumps.

Are you excited for We Happy Few?

Will you take the joy or decide to fight? Let us know in the comments below. Hype overload over here, sorry I just have a good feeling about this game.