A long, long time ago…well perhaps it wasn’t that long ago but it feels that way. It was a casual day and I was doing some casual scrolling through YouTube when I ran across Death’s Gambit. Let me be clear about something. This is the type of game I love. I mean really love. Listen I am not talking about a fling here, this is true love. Sorry, I can get carried away.

Death’s Gambit is developed by White Rabbit and published by none other than AdultSwim. When I found this out it quickly got me thinking, “What does this game remind me of?”


It didn’t take long and I put the puzzle pieces together. Korgoth of Barbaria! Of course! For those of you who do not know about Korgoth let me tell you there was only a pilot episode that aired July 3, 2006 on Adult Swim and it was a banger. (Wikipedia) Think of a Conanesque animated series. That is exactly what this game reminds me of or at least the visuals. So far from what I can tell it is going to be a bloody good time just like Korgoth. I will never understand how that show didn’t get picked up. It apparently received high ratings for the one episode and you can find it on YouTube. Check it out here The Barbarian.

Death’s Gambit is set to release on August 14, 2018. This game is a day one buy for me with it’s Korgoth visuals, Conan grit with a side of bludgeoning. I would expect to see a review from me shortly after the release. Check out the trailer here Super hype

What do you think? Is Death’s Gambit similar to Korgoth of Barbaria? Will you be playing it the day it comes out? Let us know in the comments below.