Bloodborne is one of the most popular and well respected PS4 exclusives ever released. Ranking among the top 10 PS4 games on Metacritic, fans of the game have been begging for a proper sequel since release in 2015.

Rumors have persisted the past few years of a possible sequel, but every year the dream slowly dies. UNTIL NOW!?! Amazon Italy has mysteriously posted a listing for Bloodborne II, with a place holder release date of December 2019.

Of course, this listing could be in error. However, seeing as Wal-Mart Canada spoiled 75% of E3 2018, The Brah believes in random listings.

We have questions though. With FromSoftware busy with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, are they even involved or is this a 100% Japan Studio effort? Is there any other possible Japanese developer helping with development? Will Bloodborne ever get a PS4 Pro patch to help with frame pacing?! (Doubt it.)

Stay tuned to The PlayStation Brahs for more possible information regarding this mega-hot rumor!