Have you ever just look up at the stars and wonder what it must be like to be up in space? Have you ever thought about the different planets, constellations, and galaxies? What if you didn’t have to wonder as much and you could visit those thoughts any time you would like with your own planetarium? But not a normal planetarium…that would be too easy. You want something more…you want more features to experience. You are about to get your wish…

Features include:

  • Full Celestial Planetarium – be immersed from your head to your feet.
  • Experience the entire depth of immersion of the stars that can only be experienced in Virtual Reality.
  • Accurate data based on Nasa data and research.
  • Ever wonder what stars were aligned on your birthday or what constellations were out on that special anniversary…now you can recreate any date.
  • Witness locales that are famous for their starry skies.
  • Experience the Milky Way like never before.
  • See 2,5000,000 crystal clear stars brought to you in an immersive way.
  • Listen to your favorite music while exploring the starry sky with a USB drive.

So are you ready to sit back, relax, & let the starry sky come to you? Experience Homestar VR now on PlayStation VR.