Launching last June on the PS4, the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy went on to become a phenomenal success for Activision & Vicarious Visions. The PC, Switch, and Xbox 1 versions released today, bringing with them an all-new stage and HDR support for the XB1X version. Thankfully both of these updates are coning to the PS4 and ate available now!

HDR support and other various updates (including drastically improved load times!) will cost you around 560MB of HDD space, which ain’t that expensive for some high dynamic range fur, Brah.

You can also download Future Tense, the first original Crash Bandicoot stage in years! Did I mention that it’s F R E E?? Yuuuup.

Download Future Tense here. Interested in getting the game? Read our review. 3D platformer fans you will love it.