I think this is one we have all been waiting for. Firewall Zero Hour finally a release date along with Pre-order exclusives. In case you are not aware what is about to grace PlayStation VR, let’s take a look in more detail. Firewall Zero Hour is team based with 4 vs 4. So the key here is teamwork and strategy is plays a major role as you try to collect or protect the objective. So what do you get if you pre-order…here are the details…

  • Exclusive Character Camo\
  • Exculisve Trinket
  • Exclusive Weapon Camo
  • Exculsive Face Paint/Camo
  • Exclusive Velcro Patch
  • Extra In-Game Currency
  • Double XP for 24 Hours
  • Texas Contractor Unlock

And that is not all. For those who may not be aware, Firewall Zero Hour is fully Aim Controller supported and for those that do not have an Aim Controller, there will be a bundle that should be around $79.99.

Image result for firewall zero hour aim controller bundle

So now the question is when does Firewall Zero Hour actually come out? Great question…you better get ready…because on August 28th, 2018, Firewall Zero Hour finally comes home to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…