July is right around the corner! I know that some of you will be out celebrating the 4th and then annoying the neighbors (or being annoyed) by the late night sounds of fireworks for several weeks. However, you could spend some of that time enjoying a nice fun Indie game.

Here is a look at some Indie games with release dates in July. (Games not coming to console are not listed).

July 5 – Warhammer 40K Inquisitor – Martyr (PS4, Xbox one)

July 13 – Earthfall (PC, PS4, Xbox one)

July 13 – Owlboy (Switch, PS4)

July 24 – The Banner Saga 3 (PS4, Xbox one, Switch, PC)

Highlighted Game of the Month:

The Banner Saga 3

After playing the previous games I find it highly unlikely that The Banner Saga 3 will disappoint.

The Banner Saga (Released on console January 12, 2016) and The Banner Saga 2 (Released on console July 5, 2016).

You can read why I listed the first installment a can’t miss right here The Indie Game: 5 Can’t Miss Indies

What games will you be playing? Let us know in the comments.