If you’ve visited The PlayStation Brahs long enough, you know we’re mighty big fans of PlayStation VR! Mr. PSVR does a phenomenal job bringing PSVR owners all the latest news, reviews, interviews, and more when it comes to the world of Virtual Reality on the PS4 family of consoles.

We were able to attend E3 this year and went hands-on with some of the biggest upcoming PlayStation VR games and here are our impressions!

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Based on the Robot Rescue mini-game from The Playroom VR, Astro Bot Rescue Mission was the most fun I had playing any VR title during E3. Who knew 3D platformers would be so damn fun in VR?! Seriously!! Watching as I maneuvered my little robo-buddy across the stage was such a blast. Looking around the environment as Astro Bot traversed it is such a surreal feeling and easily one of the most unique in VR, in my humble opinion.

After completing a beginning platforming stage, it was time for the boss battle. But before it was boss time, I received a new gadget! My floating in-game Dualshock 4 was given a grappling hook! Flicking the touch pad in a specific direction sent the hook flying. Snatching the DS4 back at myself made whatever I latched on to go backwards. This was going to come in handy with the upcoming battle.

As I scaled to the top of a skyscraper, I came face to face with my enemy. The Boss was a gigantic robot gorilla! Think King Kong 3000. He tried smashing me repeatedly with his hands to no avail. Suddenly, he chomped down on the building we were fighting on. Stuck, I quickly ran over and shattered one of his teeth. He flung his head back in pain as I used my grappling hook to latch onto his head, which resulted in me slamming his noggin’ into the top of the sky scrapper. Brah. THAT WAS SO GREAT!

Dazed and confused, my opponent shook his head to regain his focus, as slobber splattered on my screen. I had to shake my head to clean the screeen, which was a fantastic touch, if I say so myself. The next time the boss tried to take a bite out of me, a shockwave of fire and some enemies popped out of his mouth. Dodging the rings of fire and dispatching the enemies, I knocked out his final tooth, slamming his ugly mug one last time, I had won!! WE DID IT!!!

Sony. If you’re reading this, PROMOTE THE HELL OUT OF THIS GAME!!! Graphics? Crisp, clean, and stylish! Gameplay? So damn fun! Gamers of all age and experience levels can enjoy this game. With 8 different worlds consisting of 8 stages each, Astro Bot Rescue Mission was easily my top PlayStation VR game of E3 2018.

Tetris Effect

Take Tetris, one of the most popular games of ALL TIME. Combine it with the mind of Tetsuya Mizuguchi, then mix in his team at Enhance Games and BOOM! Tetris Effect, baybay!! TE takes the addictive puzzle gameplay then adds in a twist. The “Zone” effect. Upon clearing a certain number of lines, you’re given the power to slow down time to boost you score to insane amounts of bonus points. It also unlocked a cavalcade of colors, particles, and effects as my PSVR headset was filled with a visual trip of BRAHSOMENESS.

Seriously. Enhance Games know how to make you go “wow” in VR, as I did on 3 different occasions while playing the demo. Why didn’t the Creator of Lumines get his hands on Tetris years ago?!? Luckily this game can also be played in non-VR, so gamers who don’t own a PSVR headset can also enjoy the game. And enjoy it this Fall you will! If you’re a life-long fan of Tetris or of Mizuguchi’s past work, take this puzzle pill. This Tetris Effect is going to be your new addiction later this year.

Creed: Rise to Glory

Based off the Rocky movie series’ spinoff films following the journey of Apollo Creed’s Son on his ‘rise to glory’, this VR game from Survios makes you earn every punch. “This isn’t Wii Boxing” the rep from Survios told me as I entered into the world of PSVR. After going through a series of short mini-games getting me acquainted with how the game works, my match started. Mike McColloch, European Boxing Champion, was my first opponent. We touched gloves, then it was on. The Brah vs The Ginger Avenger. In Creed: Rise to Glory, you can’t simply jab your way to victory. You really have to put some ‘umph’ into your punches or the match will be over in no time. Mike came at me with a barrage of blows, to which I half-assed block. Before I knew it, I was knocked back. I had to quickly align my gloves with body before I was counted out.

After re-joining my body, it was time to take things serious. I mounted my comeback with a storm of head and stomach blows, each one reacting precisely to my movements. Before I knew it, Mike was down and out. THE BRAH WON!!

The demo came to end because, well.. E3 2018 was coming to a close. The last game I played was Creed: Rise to Glory. Sweaty and slightly out of breath, I was impressed by the game. The graphics looked great. Controls were highly responsive, and gameplay was realistic enough with a slight taste of arcade action! Boxing fans, you are definitely going to want to check this one out later this year.

Blood & Truth

Let me start off by telling you that Blood & Truth was the very first PSVR title I played during E3 2018. It was easily one of my most anticipated PlayStation VR titles.. and I walked away disappointed in the demo that I played.

The demo started with me learning the controls of the game, which are pretty damn tight. My aim was on the mark during the tutorial. After learning the basics, I was dropped into a construction site full of thugs. As I was being attacked from all sides, it reminded me of Time Crisis. Ducking behind cover, I would move from point to point using the Move button on the Move controller. It worked much better than say, Bravo Team, but it is limited to help provide comfort to the players.

While I really do enjoy reloading my gun by grabbing a clip from my ammo belt and slamming the Move controllers together, gameplay was alright. At points during the demo I grew bored with it but still wanted to finish it for this article. Coming across a machine gun helped make things a bit more enticing, as was the case for a bundle of grenade that finished off a group of baddies.

I’m not sure what I should have expected from the demo. Graphics were good, not great. Enemies and objects in the distance looked way too blurry and pixelated to get a clear shot on at times. Like I mentioned, the gameplay was alright. Thankfully, this was just a verticle slice of the full game, and seeing as how this is from the team that made the London Heist experience, I’m confident that the finally product should deliver. There’s still plenty of time for this to be the AAA experience the team talked about aiming for.

There you have it, Brah! Four hands-on previews of some of the biggest PlayStation VR titles coming soon! Have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below!