What do gamers enjoy doing when something new is announced? We love to speculate. We search out the rumors. We wish upon on a star for incredible features. So why shouldn’t we have a little fun with some crazy ideas for the PlayStation 5. Now remember, these ideas or thoughts are just that and nothing more. Well… maybe some wishful thinking.

5. Backwards compatibility for ALL previous consoles

Is this a dream or is this reality? Imagine being able to play that classic PS1 game that got you obsessed with the PlayStation in the first place. I am talking about dusting off all those awesome games that you spent money on already and playing them on one console. I don’t know about you but I have some Final Fantasy games I would love to revisit. We love our games and we need this console.

4. Under 400 price tag

Could you imagine if Sony brought out the PS5 and said not only is this system going to blow you away it will only cost you 379.99! This number might sound ludicrous but what if my vision was true. Wait, I wasn’t supposed to write that so forget what I wrote back there. Seriously, what if it were true? Could you imagine? The console would fly off the shelves so fast there is no way they would be able to keep up with demand. This might sound like a problem for availability but it would be a good problem for Sony to have. I truly believe sales would be astronomical and Sony would be talked about as if they were a consumer first company. We love you Sony. Now make it happen.

3. 4 Terabytes of storage

What? Are you insane?! Who would need that much storage space on a console? And why? Hey! Can we not squash my dreams of infinite storage space just yet? Hear me out first. With the growing demand to have every single dang thing turn into digital the physical world is leaving us behind. This is great in most cases. The majority of Indie games that I have played are digital only. I am not against digital even though there is something to be said about holding that physical copy in your hands. When downloading games from the PlayStation store not only does fast internet come in handy but so does storage space. I don’t know if you have seen some of the sizes of games these days but boy oh boy do they take up some space. If you have a 500 GB console I feel for you. I upgraded my hard drive to 1 TB and I still find myself pushing capacity. I am one of those that loathes to delete a game just because I know a week later I am going to regret it. How about it Sony? Build the master console we all crave.

2. PSN name change

I will not harp on this because this has been an issue for quite some time now. We want it. There are so many bad decisions when it comes to names and creating a new account just isn’t an option for some of us. Now my name isn’t horrible but I would like to tweak it a little. Unfortunately I do not have the option. I know Sony says that they don’t even know how to do this but I believe if they really wanted us to have this feature they would find a way.

1. The final PlayStation console

This one might surprise you. I believe that the PS5 should be a system that will allow it to be upgraded and customized from here on out. Sony could make this easy and simple for consumers. We already have system updates and changes on the system as it is. All they would need to do is come up with a simple way to upgrade the hardware. Changing out the hard drive isn’t difficult but see idea number 3 for that solution. Other things might require them to get creative but isn’t that what Sony is about? I say build the master system and focus more on bringing incredible games to the consumer.

What do you think? Are these ideas out of reach? Or can you see Sony giving us the console to rule all the consoles?

Please let me know what you think in the comment section below.