Ok, this is seriously spectacular!! Marvel comics recently revealed a sequel to 2014’s Spider-Verse event, Spidergeddon. The original teaser image features an all-star roster of Spider-Men and Woman ready to battle whatever evil may come. One particular Spider-Man was blacked out, until now. Insomniac Games and Marvel Comics are proud to present that the PS4 exclusive version of Spider-Man will become an official part of the Marvel comic book universe!

Starting with Spidergeddon #0, Insomniac Games’ version of our favorite wall-crawler will make his first appearance in this major Spidey event written by Christos Cage with art by Clayton Clain. #0 drops on September 24, a few weeks after the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man on September 7 (Below is the cover to Spidergeddon #0).

To celebrate, September will also bring with it five different comic book varianr covers featuring artwork by different Insomniac games artist, which pay homage to classic Spider-Man covers of the past.

Check them out, True Believers!

Brah. Think of how awesome this must be for the team at Insomniac Games to see their vision of Spider-Man becoming a piece of the official Marvel Uni?? Congrats to them for all of their hard-work!

The Brahs played Marvel’s Spider-Man at E3 2017 and will have our hands-on impressions this weekend!