Death Trash:

Developer: Stephan Hovelbrinks

Release date: N/A

Not sure if this game is coming to consoles but let’s hope so. A post-apocalyptic pixelated role playing game Death Trash caught my eye with its dark humor. It is a horror game at heart but by watching some of the gameplay you can see what “humor” I am talking about. When you find an indie developer that puts this much work into its game you can’t help but want to play it. I am thinking positive thoughts that this game comes out sooner rather than later.

Dead Static Drive:

Developer: Team Fanclub

Release date: N/A

Dead Static Drive is an open world pixelated horror game. You can drive around in a car and run over monsters or travel on foot to dispose of your foes with weapons. With an old school vibe and the seemingly vast number of things you can do in this game it is sure to be a fun drive. We should get ready to stock up on things to defend ourselves with.

Jenny LeClue:

Developer: Mografi

Release date: TBA 2018

You play as the female protagonist Jenny a detective that is set out to solve crimes and find the truth. What’s more of a surprise here is your choices will have an impact on the game’s outcome, how cool. This game looks beautiful and my eyes are drawn to the cartoon artwork. Puzzles and consequences here I come!

The Last Night:

Developer: Odd Tales

Publisher: Raw Fury

Release date: TBA 2018

The Last Night is being spawned from a six day creation that led to many praises. The music. Oh the music. It gets me every time. The dark futuristic setting gives me the impression that it could be an emotional ride and I fell in love the first time I got to see footage of this game. It looks gritty, it looks fun and it downright looks amazing.


Developer: SadSquare Studio

Publisher: SadSquare Studio

Release date: TBA 2018

An indie horror game that looks to push the mind to its limit much like what P.T was going to give us. I can honestly say watching any trailer of this game gives me the creeps. The first person perspective and the eerie lighting of the game is going to make for one intense play through. As of now this is my most anticipated indie game.


With 3 of the 5 games being pixel art games you can see where my heart leads me. I can’t explain why or what draws me to indie titles but I love to see the passion behind a project and maybe that is the attraction. What do you think? Is there an indie game out there that you love to play? Or do you stick to the big name titles exclusively?