After it was confirmed waaaay back in 2015 (WE DO IT), Capcom dropped the G-virus bomb last night during PlayStation’s E3 2018 Media Showcase, as the world reveal of Resident Evil 2 Remake went live and it was BRAHMAZING!!

After hearing news that the game would be playable on the show floor, the very first booth we visited was Capcom’s before it became too crowded. A 30 minute wait was plenty enough time to prepare my body for the current-gen remake of my favorite Resident Evil game. Once inside the “Police Station”, we were chased by a zombie cop until we reached the demo stations. Fun stuff!

Then. It. Was. ON. I fired the demo up and entered the world of Resident Evil 2 Remake. Leon was standing there, ready for action in the Police Station, confused as hell what has happened to this town. If you haven’t seen the reveal trailer, you’ll be glad to know that this is over the shoulder action similar to RE4-6. So you’ll be able to move while you shoot and hack n’ slash the undead.

First thing I immediately noticed had to be the graphics. Running on the RE engine, the game is a stunner. The atmosphere created by the power of current-engine consoles was incredible. The lighting reflected off the surroundings as I searched for my destination. I came across a laptop showing me that a fellow R.P.D. Officer was in need of my assistance. I headed towards his direction, but was met with a steal door. I opened it barely enough to get through. Of course power was out in this section, but thanks to my handy flashlight, I navigated the creep, dark hallways until I came across an area that had a couple inches of water, due to an overflowing toilet in the bathrooms nearby.

I continued on my way until the screams of the Officer from earlier begged me to open the door for him. Opening it he quickly tried to crawl out until something got him.. when I finally “rescued” him, his lower half was gone. His lifeless body dropped a notebook, which upon picking it up a zombie busted through a door close to me and it was TIME FOR ZOMBIE BLASTIN’!!

Freaking out I shot at the zombie’s arm, as it blew apart. The zombie stumbled back, then a perfect headshot finished it off. Combat is smooth and intense. Make your shorts count and a single zombie ain’t nothin’. A group of zombies? You better be strategic with it because ammo is limited.

As I began to run back to the entrance of this wing, a female zombie and another cop zombie came at me. Finishing them off, my way out was just ahead, as I tried to escape under the door Leon got stuck. Thankfully Marvin saved me. YES, That Marvin! He told me there was a way out and offered me his knife to help aid my survival. Taking his knife, I continued on my way, using it to cut open an electrical panel to open another section of the Station which had been closed off. I soon came across the location where the infamous Licker originally was, though I was only met with a zombie instead. Turning down a hall, a rather overweight zombie could be seen banging on a vending machine, hoping to get that last honey bun. Blasting off his face, he (somehow) still came out, so I disposed of him as and continued onward.

Making my way into another room which was full of storage lockers, The Brah made an upgrade to his arsenal. A SHOTGUN!!! Perfect timing as a zombie stumbled into my path.. oh yeah. His brains splattered beautifully as I moved past him, running into another zombie, I laughed, pointing my shotgun at his noggin’.. THE DEMO CAME TO AN END!!!!


Brah. Capcom has created something that they and Resident Evil 2 fans can be proud of. Fans of the original game are going to go apeshit over this upon release, seeing these classic locations being updated and given new life. Zombies are varied in shape and sizes. There’s still medallions needed to unlock statues, weird keys to gain access to rooms, and that fear of never knowing what can be behind that next door. They devs have taken the classic RE action, mixed in the over the shoulder gameplay, and given us that survival horror feel we all love. Something that can satisfy all fans of the series.

Capcom is going to introduce a whole new generation to the greatness that is Resident Evil 2 and remind us original fans why this game was truly the defining moment of the series. Capcom has had one hell of a turn around this generation from the last and the Resident Evil 2 Remake is a continuation of that success. I can’t wait to experience the final product when it releases on January 25, 2019.