What if you could live where time never passed you by and only when you stopped? What if you could become something that no matter what you did, no one would suspect nor could they ever know it was you ever again? Enter a school with a distance from the city. Inside there are six young boys and girls along with a principle’s teacher who all live quietly. You will play as a fairy where you are now free to exist when it was your turn to stop. As our times are different, to most, if not all, fairies cannot be seen. When you stop is when you can interfere. You must indirectly engage with the children and help the story spin at different times, but only when you move. Can you find the clues? How will you engage on what is going on? How will you use time to help your adventure? How will you use the memories? Find out when Deracine comes to PlayStation VR on November 6, 2018.

You can pre-order the physical version only at GameStop, but if you pre-order either the physical or digital version, you will receive the De’racine’ classroom dynamic theme as well as the six avatar set.

Until then…please enjoy…