Space…it can be a lonely place. A place where your screams would not be heard. A place where help may be a lost cause. But what if you were that help to try to arrive at a site of a collapsing star? What questions would you have? And what if while you were questioning and conducting your experiment so major, that something bad happened. Your ship, somehow is drawn to that collapsing star, getting pulled into the gravity as if that collapsing star sensed life as you know it, on the ship as you are on, is almost the final breath it needs? But then how would handle it if your ship’s system, started to wake up the remaining members one by one? Where if you were to die, you would wake as a new character with a new layout of the ship. Every life, everything you thought you knew, would not play the same way twice. But do you have the skills to find out what is going on? How long can you stay alive? Find out when The Persistence comes to PlayStation VR July 24, 2018.

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