Sony promised to give us deep dives of their four biggest Worldwide Studios during their PlayStation E3 Media Showcase. Guess what? They delivered.

Kojima’s mysterious opus, Death Stranding finally received the gameplay footage we’ve all been begging for and.. well, it was mostly footage of Norman Reedus’ avatar traversing the beautiful environment powered by the Decima engine. We also had a brief glimpse of Sam trying to avoid the shadows.. and ultimately failing. Does it look drop dead gorgeous? 100%. Is it what the PlayStation Nation needed to satisfy our hunger? I’m not sure.

We did see some other footage introducing new characters featuring actresses Lindsay Wagner and Lea Seydoux to the always expanding cast of legit talent. Plus tiny drops storyline hint. Plus a quick shot of Funky Fetus butt. I kid you not.

Here’s the trailer below. Judge for yourself:

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