Can we talk about another Indie game for a moment? Recently a game that has been in the works for some time now was released on consoles by an independent developer and publisher called Funcom. I was hyped for this game. What game do you ask? Well Conan Exiles of course. I know, I know what you are thinking. Really? That game? Well yes, I am a big fan of the sword wielding Cimmerian. The first time I witnessed Conan (Release date May 14, 1982) played by Arnold Schwarzenegger stand in front of Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones) with that dumbfounded look on his face, I was hooked. I’ve seen the movies, read some of the comics and hoped for more movies for many of years. So you can understand why I was hyped for this game.

Enter Conan Exiles (Release date May 8, 2018). After seeing the gameplay for the first time I can say I wasn’t blown away and that was mainly because I realized, this game is not about Conan the barbarian. No, this game is about you and your survival. Then came release day and I was hesitant, did I really want this game? Well it turns out after hearing a friend rave about the game, yes I did.

Conan Exiles is first and foremost a survival game. You gather. You hunt. You fight. You try and survive. You leave your friend behind to fight the spider on their own because you hate spiders. The open world map is massive and once thrown into the vast land it becomes clear from the start, anything and everything will try to kill you. I absolutely love this about the game. It keeps you on your toes. Your head on a swivel. Your mind thinking about what you need to protect yourself. That leads to crafting. You need to craft pretty much all of your items from building material to armor and weapons. You better be quick. The leveling system seems a little harsh after you hit roughly level 15. If you are playing on a custom server then maybe the settings are higher but on the official servers you will find it difficult after some time.


Another well done job. If you want to use a sword and shield, you can. Want a huge two-handed long sword? They got you covered. Or if you want to be a quick assassin with duel daggers, hey that is an option as well.

You can customize your armor. Add perks to your armor and heck you can even dye it if you don’t like the way your helmet looks with your chest piece. Again, there or so many options for you.


Simply put, it is difficult at times. I have found it hard to lock onto a target as I watch my character flail away at nothing. I can’t say much about PVP because out of all the people I have ran across only one player tried to attack me and they quickly ran away.


As stated before the map is massive. I have been playing this game nonstop and still have not fully explored the map, yet. There are caves, camps, monster nests, temples, ruins and so much more oh my! Just thinking about it I get overwhelmed. Discovery is a big part of leveling up in the game. The more you discover, the more XP you get.  However, you must remember, everything in this game wants to kill you! Make sure if you plan on exploring to leave essential items at home or bring plenty of bedrolls. The chances of dying somewhere along the way is quite high.


The game is great. It is fun to play with friends. It is fun to play alone. The combat can get annoying though and the servers seem to lag at times. I have to score it high just because this indie developer was able to put so much content into this game. I still feel like I have barely scratched the surface. There are so many dungeons and a vast array of creatures I still need to battle. If you are a fan of open world, building, crafting, fighting, discovering, and surviving by any means necessary…see where I am going with this? Yes, then this game is for you. If not, stay far away.

I would like to thank Funcom for making such a fun game and for continuing to improve upon what they created. I am looking forward to future content from them.