Capcom surprised many, many folks when Devil May Cry 5 premiered during Microsoft’s E3 Media Briefing! Thankfully Capcom brought the greatness and it is looking BRAHTASTIC!

Say BYE BYE to the rebooted Dante. Say HELLO to the original Dante. Oh, plus Nero is back, minus his demon arm, soooo he’s made a few drastic measures to ensure he still can kick plenty o’ demon ass. Oh, there’s also a third playable character that was hinted, but we don’t know much about them yet.

Watch the glorious reveal trailer. If this doesn’t get you re-energized for the series, I’m not sure what the heck will.

Using the POWAH’ of the RE Engine, Devil May Cry 4 Director Hideaki Itsuno, along with the “core team” from DMC4 are back and their aim is to deliver the best Devil May Cry EVER. Can they do it?? I’m not a betting man but so far… the game is looking Brahsome!!

Dante and the crew return Spring 2019!