BRAH. Look. Resident Evil 2 is my absolute FAVORITE Resident Evil game of the entire series. Seriously! I have so many memories from my youth of the game, so when Capcom announced the Remake in 2015, I was down.

Tonight during PlayStation’s E3 2018 Media Showcase, EVIL RETURNED!!!! Resident Evil 2 BRINGS THE FEAR ON JANUARY 25!!!

Watch this trailer. Now. The Brah demands it.

Nooooow, watch this trailer that the PlayStation Blog just dropped.

THIS GAME LOOKS FREAGIN’ AWESOME!! Capcom DELIVERED!!!! Capcom also unleashed a plethora of screenshots, along with some comparison pix showing the original to the remake. Lawdy does this game look fantastic on the RE engine.

January 25, 2019. Resident Evil 2 returns and I can’t FREAKIN’ WAIT!!!!