For those that love Soccer or (Football in other parts of the world), there was a game that came to PlayStation VR called VRFC Virtual Reality Football Club. It really was fun. However, the amazing people over at Cherry Pop Games listened. But they did something more than that. Yea they could have left things like they were and just created a new product, but that is not them and that is not how they or their passion works. They decided to give the people…the players what they wanted. They decided to add some new things with a new name with a new worldwide tournament to be in line with the World Cup. So you might be asking, what did they do, what did the change? If you already have VRFC Virtual Reality Football Club you may have noticed the FREE update to the new and improved Football Nation VR Tournament 2018.

Football Nation VR Tournament 2018 is out now.

Until next time…please enjoy…