Nostalgia is priceless. On my seventh birthday wrapped in a shiny black box – I was gifted something that truly made a huge impact in my life and made me the gamer I am today: a Sega Megadrive. Packed with it came Sonic the Hedgehog, an extra controller, and enough posters / manuals – than I’d ever seen til that time. The moment I switched it on, watched the red afterglow of the LED, and pressed start – I knew this was the beginning of something truly special. So it pleases me to no end to be reviewing a collection, nay, a time capsule of my childhood- the Sega Megadrive Classics.


The Sega Megadrive Classics is a collection of Sega’s best first party titles from the legendary 16-Bit blast processing beast, from titles like Sonic the Hedgehog to Streets of Rage all the way to Shadow Dancer and Virtua Fighter, the package has a variety of games that covers many different genres, the collection has over 50 games. If you wanna play a classic shooter then Space Harrier II has you covered, if you want your JRPG fix then Phantasy Star and Shining Force will take up hours of your time, there’s so much replay value with this collection alone, although it’s a great collection, we do have some classics missing like Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Super Hang On, Outrun along with a few third party titles, some of these games probably didn’t make it due to licensing issues. There’s certain games like Sonic 3 and  Sonic and Knuckles also missing.


The main menu is pretty easy to navigate, the menu itself is a 90s themed 3D bedroom with an old 4:3 TV and a sound system which gives you access to the sound options, the shelve will give you access to all the Megadrive games available. You also have the option to play online and couch multiplayer on many titles, the controls feel responsive and the emulation runs pretty well, the emulator settings is another neat feature that allows you to enhance the visuals of the game, the settings also allow pixel scaling and let’s you add filters to a game, you can also change the border art as well. The one feature I found pretty neat was the horizontal flip mode which is an all new mirror mode that allows you to play the game from right to left instead of the traditional left to right. It does make the games feel different and it adds that extra challenge which i found pretty surprising. The rewind feature is also added to this collection so you can correct some of the errors you made during your playthrough. You can also stretch the image to full screen for modern 16:9 TVs, although I prefer to play these games in it’s purist form, I still welcome these features with open arms.


There’s also has a challenge mode that puts you in a certain scenario, you’re given a certain objective to complete in each challenge from some of the games, the mode has over 10 challenges in total, some of them can be difficult. The Platinum trophy is obtainable but the trophies from the challenge mode may take a little more time depending on your skill.


Overall the collection is a great fan service for those who experienced the golden age of gaming, it’s a great trip down memory lane with some of Sega’s finest, playing through some of my childhood favourites like Streets Of Rage 2  while rocking my head To that iconic soundtrack was an absolute joy, although we had a few bangers missing, I was still satisfied with the majority of the titles provided in this package, who needs a virtual console when Sega doe’s what nintendon’t.