If all the glorious E3 2018 leaks have yet to satisfy your hunger, Sony is about to drop some PlayStation Greatness starting this Wednesday!!

We all know PlayStation’s Big Kahuna, their E3 2018 Showcase, goes down on June 11, 6PM CST! Well, Sony is just too excited to show all of the new greatness at one show, so they’re going to be dropping new surprises daily leading up to their showcase!!

  • June 6: All-new PS4 game with PSVR support!
  • June 7: Release date reveal for an upcoming Worldwide Studios title. My guess? Days Gone. Or maybe Concrete Genie or even Dreams!
  • June 8: New PS4 game!
  • June 9: New PSVR game!
  • June 10: “eagerly anticipated” PSVR game!

Rumors have it that the PlayStation E3 2018 Showcase is an hour long, so it makes sense that some announcements will be made before June 11!

What do you think some of these new games are? Let us know in the comments below!