One of the most Brahsome events that Sony has held the past few years is the PlayStation E3 Experience! This FREE event gives PlayStation fans a chance to watch PlayStation’s E3 Showcase with a theatre full of fellow PlayStation Brahs, plus you get some FREE physical and digital goodies as a reward for showing up! Great news, as it’s back this year!!!

Interested? Here’s a few key points:

  • To claim a ticket, you’ll want to visit their site on Tuesday, June 5th at 11AM PDT. Good luck, as the PlayStation Nation has successfully crashed the servers EVERY year.
  • I recommend getting to your location early to get a good seat. Believe me, it’ll be worth it. Just don’t forget to pack your PS Vita, Brah!
  • IF you don’t get a ticket, you can take a chance of showing up and waiting in line to hoping the theatre isn’t full. However, seeing as how the list of locations is smaller this year, you’re really taking a chance.
  • Must be 17 and over. 18 and over if you’re in Brazil.

Full list of locations below: