This is it! This is how desperate us Final Fantasy VII fans have become in our search to find new screens and information regarding the Remake!

A Square Enix job listing graced us with this latest screen, so enjoy it while you can. Might be awhile before we see any new material!

Look at Business Division 1’s Development Lead Naoko Hamaguchi screen.


My gawd. Is that the Air Buster redesigned for checkerboard 4K?!? Ohhhhh baby!!

Square Enix even dropped some information as to how development is going in the updated job description!

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE” for home game machines is a complete remake work of “FINAL FANTASY VII” released in 1997. By shifting to the in-house development system in order to stabilize the mass production system last year, the development workflow has also been greatly reviewed and the development efficiency has improved. Although the development system and foundation have already been set up and mass production development is proceeding smoothly, from the viewpoint of incorporating, we are continuously looking for new staff aiming for further creativity.

With Kingdom Hearts III releasing this year, could Final Fantasy VII Remake own 2019? Or should we expect it to be a 2020 title? Let us know in the comments below!