What if in the future there were no superheroes?  None left to help protect the cities that need it. But what if there was an academy? One that would allow you to be built to become that superhero? Well, citizens, that academy does exist and they want you. Introducing Super Bots. The human piloted engineered robots that will help protect the city when they need it the most. But are you ready to have your skills tested? By joining the To The Top Academy, you will learn:

Freedom of Movement –

  • Climb – learn how to move across, up and over surfaces one hand at a time. You can even climb 360 degrees around them.
  • Leap – Grab with your hands and feel free to look around as this will help you build up your speed and power.
  • Air Control – Leaping through the air can be awesome, but controlling your fall based on the direction you are looking is glorious.
  • Skate – If you see green, then it is meant to be skated on.
  • Fly – Oh you wanted those jet hands, now use them.

With 30 levels to play, over 30 customizable options to unlock, 3 times goals to conquer on each level, online leaderboards, and 5 free levels post-release, you will be receiving a lot of benefits from joining the academy.

Do not hesitate to join when To The Top comes to PlayStation VR on May 29th.

Until then…please enjoy…