BRAH! Can you believe that in less than 19 days that E3 2018 will be here, bringing with it a megaton of gaming news and information?!? What kind of new announcements might we be getting?!

Well, we kinda know what Sony is doing as they gave away a major slice of their E3 Media Showcase. We will be getting four ‘deep dives’ of some of their biggest PS4 exclusives. One of them being Ghost of Tsushima!

Billy Harper. Animation Director at Sucker Punch Productions (devs of GoT) took to Twitter to offer us anxious PS4 gamers a small glimpse of what’s to come of their open-world feudal Japan gaming experience.

Yuuuuup. A katana… IN A CUBE!!! What could it mean?!? Does Jin withdraw this mighty blade from this, gaining the powers to become THE GHOST OF TSUSHIMA?!

Nah. Probably a set piece for the game’s E3 booth. Which, if there is some kind of playable demo.. we will do our best to sneak past security to give you some mighty fine hands-on impressions.

Are you ready to see some Ghost of Tsushima gameplay? Let us know in the comments below!