Ever since Microsoft introduced the Xbox Elite controller back in 2015, PlayStation 4 owners have been asking Sony to offer their official take on a more ‘Elite’ style Dualshock 4. While there isn’t an ‘officially official’ version, there has been a few officially licensed 3rd party controllers that have offered a similar

PlayStation and Scuf Gaming have unveiled the Scuf Vantage, which looks to give PS4 owners an upgraded Dualshock 4 along with Xbox-like controller features.


It will offer gamers the following benefit$:

• Side-mounted right and left ‘Sax’ buttons – designed to fit the natural placement of a player’s fingers and provide additional configurability

• Removable faceplate – makes it easy to change thumb sticks & personalize the controller

• Advanced audio control for wired connection – a simple swipe of the audio touch bar adjusts the volume while players can keep their hands on the controller

• Removable vibration modules – players can reduce the weight of the controller and lessen hand fatigue

• Paddle control system with four removable back paddles

• A quick-access remapping switch

• Customizable thumb sticks with 3 different heights in either a concave or convex configuration

• Adjustable Hair triggers

• Trigger stops and extenders

• Choice of D-pads

• Interchangeable magnetic faceplate

All for the ‘low’ for price of $169.95 (wired) and $199.95 (wireless bluetooth). Quite the investment, but if you need the absolute best, then this might be it.

You can pre-order at Scuf Gaming or at Gamestop now!