Listen up all you Ark Park guests and workers…are you wanting just a little bit more? Are you very happy how the park has been going, but just wish you could see a different view of it? What would you say to a wonderful hot air balloon ride overseeing a mountain lake, what about a ride on the Crystal Sky lift as you can touch the clouds, or what about checking out the largest flying creature, the Quetzalcoatlus in the aviary? Well if you haven’t guessed it by now, the newest expansion is all about flight.

So what new adventures can you expect…

  • Explore a variety of maps without a linear storyline.
  • Collect eggs and incubate them to raise your own little dinosaurs.
  • Find materials such as Dinosaur DNA and trade them to craft useful items and more powerful weapons.
  • Defend the park and its vital technology from rampaging dinosaurs across 6 gorgeous environments.
  • Revisit the dinosaurs from the popular title ARK: Survival Evolved.
  • Play with voiceovers and subtitles in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

But that is not all, you will be able to ride on a Pterosaur to show off your most excellent of excellent flying skills, fly down to Death Canyon to find the nest of the fire-breathing dragon, but you will also be able to try out new weapons to help with the combat.

And just when you think that is all, there is even more. You will also get to meet more than 10 different new species, so get your gene-scanning gun and get ready to spice up your collection. So I know what you must be asking yourself now…how much will this cost? Well, my friends, are you sitting down? Get ready for when the FREE Pterosaur Hill DLC comes to Ark Park on PlayStation VR.

In case you missed the original trailer…please enjoy…