Coming from a background of the golden age of gaming, I was excited to play Raging Justice, inspired by the classic Streets of Rage and Final Fight series from the 90s, it’s no wonder I was starting to feel nostalgic.


The games allows you to pick from one of three characters – Each having their strengths and weaknesses. The game centres around rescuing a major who has been kidnapped from an organised gang of thugs. Rick is your brawler, slow but brutal, Ashley has an array of moves, or Nikki who is quick and skilled at fighting. The graphic and music play homage to classic side scrolling beat em ups, for those who have played Final Fight will feel right at home. Whether it is the cartoon imagery or the 3D sprites, the game recreates that retro feeling.


Combat is fast and isn’t just button bashing as enemies will pick up weapons, have different strength and patterns of combat, Picking up an enemy and throwing them at other enemies is enjoyable as ever, or swing a large object at an enemy is most satisfying. Baseball bats, using bar stool or even using a vehicle are great ways to take out enemies. The physics of the game is one of the things I found impressive during my playthrough, the main aim is to try and not get hit and pull off a variety of moves and combos while you progress through the story.

Boss fights are one of the highlights of each level. The boss fights will be similar to anyone who has played Final Fight before. Playing the game in couch co-op mode really adds another dimension to the game. Each level has challenges include arresting a certain of people or finishing a level within a certain time frame really add the replayability of the game.


The graphics may not be cutting edge like you see in a triple A game but it’s not expected from a side scrolling beat em up since the game was made to recreate the classic 90s feel, the games artstyle is something I appreciate and it stands out. The colors pop and the animations look great, the game runs at a steady frame rate and I didn’t notice any slow downs during play. The game can get hectic when it comes to crown control and you’ll notice that with a high number of AI on screen. The soundtrack also compliments the art direction of Raging Justice with the whole 90s vibe and it’s something many fans of the old skool genre would appreciate.

Raging Justice isn’t a long game by any means but for the price alone, it’s an instant buy. It’s a great indie title made to give you the nostalgic feeling, the game also proves that there’s still room for the beat em up genre in today’s market.